Outpatient Program

The step-down program is designed for clients who have successfully completed the Intensive Outpatient Program, but could still benefit from continued peer support and the group format. Clients meet with a licensed clinical therapist twice weekly for a shorter duration and continue with weekly individual therapy.


Outpatient Program

Evidence-Based clinical interventions are paired with the support and accountability of peers in order to assist clients recently completing in-patient rehabilitation treatment for substance use disorders. Clients meet with a licensed clinical therapist three times weekly in a group IOP setting and once weekly individually.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are offered for long term clients of the Limitless Recovery substance abuse programs, as well as clients who have completed external programs elsewhere and are seeking continued psychotherapeutic support.

Family Therapy

Individuals in recovery are most successful when they have the support and understanding of family and friends. Family therapy is available for all clients at any stage of their recovery journey, and can be utilized to foster greater connection and healing within their familial relationships.

Wellness Services

While Mental Health services are a critical aspect to the recovery journey, Limitless Recovery believes restoring physical health must also play a significant role. Yoga, Mindfulness/Meditation, Chiropractic Services, Nutrition and Fitness are among the many topics introduced with this in mind both within the group format and periodic special events.

Family Education & Support

Families can best support their loved one when they have a full understanding of the complicated journey that is recovery. Limitless Recovery encourages family involvement through periodic events, gatherings and groups to assist with fostering the most positive outcomes for their clients.